Module 4:




Module Name

D Thesis and Research Colloquia

Module Contents

Module D “Thesis and Research Colloquia” revolves around the preparation of the students’ master theses. As the programme advances collaborative learning, this module is structured into several research colloquia focused on general common subjects. In these colloquia, lecturers of the programme supervise the progress of the students’ master theses concerning their theoretical and methodological approaches, their scientific and social relevances, and their practical contribution to conflict resolution.

Students must determine the subject of their master theses based on their own interests in continuous communication with their lecturers. The programme does not circumscribe the possible subjects for the master thesis as long as they undertake an empirical perspective. In addition, the master theses must look upon the theoretical and methodological approaches developed in the programme.

Learning objectives

Module D “Thesis and Research Colloquia” capacitates students to:

- Delimitate their research subject with precision.

- Bring about a relevant and definite research question.

- Bring forward a consistent theoretical and methodological approach.

- Carry out empirical research properly.

- Carry through their master thesis successfully.

Type and duration of the module sessions

Semester 4: D Thesis and Research Colloquia

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, presentations, group discussions, exercises, participatory analysis, excursions, guided self-learning, independent learning, team teaching, e-learning, role play, livlab.

Examination methods

This module does not carry out evaluations.

Conditions for participation.

Compliance of all modules

Duration of the module

Module D: 1 semester

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Module focus

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0 hours

900 hours

900 hours





Application deadline 15th of May 2018

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