What are the key documents of ECTS?

  • The regular information package/course catalogue of the institution to be published in two languages (or only in English for programs taught in English) on the web and/or in hard copy in one or more booklets. The information package/course catalogue must contain the items of the checklist attached to this document, including information for host students from abroad.

    MA-ICM students will be provided with the MA-ICM Course Book indicating relevant information on ECTS.

  • The Learning Agreement contains the list of courses to be taken and agreed upon by the student and the responsible academic body of the institution concerned. In case of credit transfer, the Learning Agreement has to be agreed upon by the student and the two institutions concerned before the student’s departure and to be updated immediately when changes occur.

    MA-ICM students will be provided with a student contract comparable to the Learning Agreement.

  • The Transcript of Records documents the performance of a student by showing the list of courses taken, the credits gained as well as the local grades and possibly ECTS grades awarded. In case of credit transfer, the Transcript of Records has to be issued by the home institution for outgoing students before departure and by the host institution for incoming students at the end of their period of study.

    MA-ICM students will receive a Transcript of Academic Records at the end of each semester according to ECTS standards.

Application deadline 15th of May 2018

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