Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1899 by Alice Salomon, a strong advocate for women's rights and social justice, the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences is now Germany's oldest and largest training institution of higher education in social work. The University has a proud tradition in the high quality of its applied, professional education and its commitment to social justice and equality. It offers a long-standing, inclusive and future oriented approach to the study of social work. The institution has grown from a school providing professional training for women to an internationally oriented research university offering diploma and graduate programs to a diversity of national and international students.

During its early years and consistent with the accepted practices at that time, the University, named the "Social School for Women", admitted only women applicants until 1945. As the training institute grew in prestige in the area of social work and social pedagogy, it was renamed the Alice Salomon School in 1932 in commemoration of Alice Salomon's 60th birthday. In 1933, the National Socialists came to power and Alice Salomon was banned from the school and a large number of instructors of Jewish descent were release from employment. In 1937, Alice Salomon was expelled from Germany and emigrated to the United States. It was not until 1954 that the school reinstated the name "Alice Salomon School". The school was recognized as a State University of Applied Sciences for Social Work and Social Pedagogy in 1971 and was granted the right to confer degrees, although it once again lost the name "Alice Salomon". In 1991, the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences was established as the official name of the university.

Today, the Alice Salomon University is recognized as one of Germany's most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in the social field. One of the cornerstones of the University is applied research. This applied research approach not only enhances the current knowledge in the field of social work but also assures the quality of education.

Without regard to gender, the Alice Salomon University enrolls academically and professionally qualified students from diverse age groups, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. Through the application of a variety of study programs, advanced instructional technologies, and student services, the University supports the professional development of traditional and non-traditional students.

The University offers full and part-time certificate, diploma and graduate programs. The two diploma programs include the Social Work and Social Pedagogy program, and the Nursing and Nursing Management program. Diploma programs consist of a strong focus on practical training and project-based learning combined with a theoretical understanding. The International Master of Arts in Intercultural Conflict Management degree program has been offered since October 2000 by the University in response to the knowledge and expertise students urgently need in a changing world. Certificate programs are aimed at professionals who wish to further develop their professional and interdisciplinary qualifications.

As part of its commitment to international cooperation, the University actively promotes and fosters joint programs and partnerships with institutes of higher education in a variety of countries. Some of these joint programs currently available include: Master degree programs in Nursing; Comparative European Social Studies; Social Management; and Social Work as a Human Rights Profession. Additionally, the University is the site of international conferences, meetings, and symposia providing a forum for discussion and exchange among scientists, academics and students in the field of social policy, research and education.

The international curriculum at the Alice Salomon University offers modules in English to both German speaking and international students. The modules provide an opportunity for international exchange of social work practices and may be used to prepare students for admission into the international Master degree programs. The University offers preparatory English language courses on an on-going basis.

The curriculum does not remain static and the University regularly modifies and introduces programs to reflect social changes and realities. Presently, the Alice Salomon University is in the process of establishing Bachelor and additional Master degree programs to continue to meet the new orientations, directions and practices in social work education stemming from a changing global environment.

The Alice Salomon University is located in Berlin, a culturally vibrant, cosmopolitan city. The modern university building is situated in the city district of Hellersdorf, nicknamed "Helle-Mitte" (Bright Centre). The square on which the building is located is named after Alice Salomon. Cooperation between the University and the district of Hellersdorf include community projects involving children and youth and the issue of urban development.

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